Hi friends!

Growing up, I knew what it felt like to have birthday and Christmas gifts smushed into one, but I never appreciated how that would make my mom feel (her birthday regularly falls on Mother’s Day). As I get older, I value the opportunity to show my mom how special she is to me and how important it is to celebrate her separately in her role as my mom and as her own person. If you’re in the same boat and struggle to find your mom a special gift that really encapsulates who she is as a person, here are some great options!

1: A fashionable neck scarf is great for transitional seasons and adding a pop of color to a wardrobe. Get this beautiful printed one for mom to wear in her hair, around her neck, or tied to her favorite bag.

2: This cream blush it a great color for all skin types— they come in a range of shades and the formulation is a dream!

3: From the same brand as the blush, I swear by this lip oil! It’s not tacky or sticky, but feels lush and hydrating.

4: Getting a passport holder for your mom’s next adventure is a great way to encourage travel and to check off locations that might be on a bucket list!

5: Neighbors your mom is always gossiping about? I bet whatever story she tells you ends with this phrase! Plastering it on a pillow makes for a great laugh and a great reminder.

6: Many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep, but this spray will help mom release her worries and unload the world from her shoulders!

7: Adding the initial for your family name to this signet ring would be a sweet way for your matriarch to keep her family always close to her.

8: I have seen this lip balm and embossed case for months, and I think it’s such a cute and fun way to give a personalized gift!

9: This vase is stunning (you wouldn’t even have to change the monogram… M for mom!) – but don’t forget the flowers! Double check that you know her favorite, just in case…

10: This beautiful gratitude journal… for talking about how much you love your oldest daughter, right mom…?

11: I read a review of this candle that says it smells like Biscoff, so I definitely will be getting this for my mom and any friends who love TJ’s cookie butter!

12: Having a cup of coffee or a cup of tea in a beautiful porcelain makes all the difference to start your morning off the right way.

13: These pepper mill grinders have been on my wishlist forever and they would make a fabulous kitchen gift for a mom who likes to cook!

14: I finally splurged and got the ever-popular Lake Pajamas— but not for me! I ordered a set for my mom and my mother in law, who both think they feel incredibly soft and will report back with post-washing reviews.

15: Sézane will always be my top choice for bags, and the Farrow bag is one of my favorites. Don’t be afraid to spring for this to give to a fashionista mom; a good raffia bag is never out of style, and this bucket bag version is a classic.

16: If you believe spring and summer are raffia season, these mules are a great addition to any wardrobe. I find them suitable for any age and style given their simplicity!


If you picked the perfect gift for your mom, what would it be? Tell me in the comments below!

Happy hunting xx