Hi friends!

I’ve come to the realization lately that I don’t like to presume that my opinion about how people “should” be styling or building their wardrobes holds much weight. What I do know, however, is I can spot a beautiful thing— be it art, clothing, a bag, or a smile across the room, and I love to share what I find!

There’s a certain freedom in letting go of the notion that you have to be an expert in something in order to share your perspective or things that you love; I think social media have given us a complex about that! Everywhere you go, content creators are telling you why certain patterns go together, why this style jean is most flattering for this body type, etc., etc., etc. Personally, I want simply to share some of the things that give me pause, make me feel something, make me happy or excited to get dressed (or quite frankly, just make it easy to feel like I’ll look put together!). There’s something magical about that coming together in one’s life, and it had me thinking about the Met Gala…

I was never the biggest follower of the Met Gala, and I probably shouldn’t admit that now that I talk about fashion in an almost never-ending din to anyone who will let me… but I digress. The Met Gala made its first big impression on me in 2018, when Zendaya stepped out in her rendition of Albert Lynch’s Joan of Arc (1903). It was mystical, ethereal, and extraordinary, enhanced to an unparalleled level by the theme and the way celebrities embraced it! It was one of those moments where I truly saw how art could translate into fashion and how it could make us excited (the anticipation I have to see Zendaya’s look this year is unmatched!!), make us feel powerful, and make us feel stunningly beautiful.

This year, the theme is similarly ethereal but more delicate and fragile. The theme, Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion, gets its name from the museum’s latest exhibition which will display 250 garments that are almost never shown for fear they might fall apart while hanging. These pieces will instead lie in glass cases, much like Sleeping Beauty.

Since the dress-code and theme tend to be somewhat related, I thought I’d focus more on the dress code— “The Garden of Time“— for a practical take on items you could wear to a watch party or through the summer if you want to embody this year’s Met Gala! I’ll preface this by saying this is one of those slightly delusional gift guides— it’s the Met Gala after all! It’s not supposed to be, nor is it fun to be, 100% practical or realistic all the time!

1: Beautiful turquoise earrings that remind me of the moment Aurora pricks her finger on the enchanted spindle!

2: Everything that Zimmermann makes feels like you’re floating on a cloud, including this garden-themed blouse that makes you feel like you should be drinking tea under a parasol with a soft breeze blowing!

3: A silk scarf to keep the chill of Maleficent’s presence far away! I love how this scarf combines so many colors and elements from other pieces in this guide so effortlessly!

4: A piece of wearable art in a beautifully gold-plated headband. Talk about adding whimsy into your day!

5: The perfect ballet-pink slinky dress to dance around the forest with your prince. Pair this with a chunky cardigan for something more dressed-down, or with a straw bag for a perfect market day outfit!

6: Floral denim to keep the theme all together (these really are a delulu price!)

7: Hand-painted flats from one of my favorite brands; these are so chic! These definitely won’t last, so get them while you can!

8: One of the most alluring pearls I have ever seen— the detailing around the border of this ring adds to the daintiness as well.

9: This perfume‘s name, A Chant for The Nymph, is perfect for this event! It was inspired by Frangipani, “which symbolizes immortality for the heavenly and enduring scent that it releases on warm nights.”

10: A beautifully detailed handbag will almost never steer you wrong from a practical stand-point, but I love this one that combines a classically feminine structure, colorful embroidery, and soft velvet.

Are you watching the Met Gala’s red carpet tonight? Tell me about your favorite looks in the comments below!

Happy hunting xx