Hi friends,

I hope you’re planning some very fun activities for your Memorial Day Weekend with lots of hot dogs, hamburgers, and maybe even waterslides! Unfortunately, Virginia is getting a lot of rain in the next few days and it will be a wet weekend here, so I’ll likely be continuing my binge of Bridgerton (I just started it! Can you even believe it?) and maybe baking a batch (or two… or three) of cookies.


I can’t help but find fun pieces for if the sun were to come out even for a moment this weekend… maybe I’m willing it with pure delusion, but a girl can hope!

  • This denim Reformation dress that can be dressed up or down. I love the white version for a summer bride’s wedding festivities!
  • A scarf is a must for me in the summer— you can wrap them around your neck, use them as a belt, tie them in your hair. They’re so versatile, and I’ve always had the desire to collect a few (vintage) Hermès scarves.
  • Speaking of belts, this oversized one would add definition to your waist and break up all the blue.
  • I’m ready for all of the rain to stop on our weekends here, because I want to wear my Justine basket bag all the time! I purchased this bag before Sézane restocked them this spring, and I’ve been staring at it hung on my wall since October— it’s time!
  • I’ve always been apprehensive of lace-up sandals because I’m short and have muscular calves, but after I bought my first pair of wrap espadrilles I’m ready to try more of this style sandal! And say what you want about Meghan Markle, the woman knows good shoes! Try this pair from Margaux if you want something with a thinner strap or less gladiator style!
  • My parents love to fish, and undoubtedly wish that my sister and I shared their passion (we vehemently do not), but I compromise by eating their catch when I visit and adding this fun pair of earrings to an outfit— same thing, right?
  • I’ve been sticking to gel polish for a long time; however, I end up picking at it and the last manicure I had ruined my nails, so I’m going back to regular polish for a while. This quick-dry formula from Essie has been on my radar for a while, and nothing is better for summer than a punchy red!
  • Need a new summer perfume? This one is described on Reddit as smelling like a bright citrus soap. Might sound kind of odd, but if you like a clean, citrus fragrance, it may be for you.
  • Serve your cake on these fun plates— “happy wife, happy life!” or serve berries in this porcelain fruit basket for easy munching!
  • Pack up this must-have cookbook for any host to gather all of your friends for a Memorial Day BBQ! The Berry Cloud Cake would be perfect for the holiday weekend.
  • You can throw the book, a few towels, and any other warm-weather needs into the ever-reliable Boat Tote from L.L. Bean— there’s even an old man at my gym who uses one as a gym bag. So versatile!
  • If you’re heading out into the sun, don’t forget the sunscreen! If you miss laying out in the sun for hours with a barely-there SPF, this sunscreen oil may give you all of the nostalgia without the sunburn!
  • On that note, don’t forget your eyewear… and this 60s inspired pair are a perfect addition to any wardrobe!
  • Add an extra splash of color to your weekend outfit with this stack bracelet set and this patterned silk scarf. The rainbow hues of the bracelet keep everything from feeling to kitschy in red, white, and blue.
  • The crochet detail on this top is beautiful and effortless— you could dress it up with a skirt or dress it down with denim.
  • This skirt is beyond fun!!! I’m not usually a mini skirt girl, but I would make an exception for this, because it’s the perfect somewhat red, white, and blue theme for the weekend, great for a vacation somewhere warm, and a conversation starter when you meet your girlfriends out for a margarita after work on a Friday!

Happy hunting xx