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Hi friends!

Last time we chatted I was talking about my summer wishlist; today, I’m thinking about…how to implement those pieces into my wardrobe. You might be thinking, “Sarah… they’re clothing items… you wear them, and they’re integrated!” and you’re right, you could absolutely throw pieces together and make it work, but doing so doesn’t always feel cohesive.

There are a couple of items I own that are staples for me, but this year I’m looking to reinforce the pieces I always grab, that I know look good, etc.

Start from a Base:

If you know that you love your Levi’s 501s and would be gutted to ever be parted with them: start there! Build on that! I, personally, love slim-wide or wide-leg jeans or pants, but they MUST be high-waisted. As they say in Texas, the higher the rise, the closer to God… or something like that. These Levi Ribcage jeans have a 13.5″ rise— amazing!

I also know that in the summertime, I hate having my arms covered (I run warm), but growing up in Florida meant I still often needed a cardigan if I was going to work or would be inside for an extended period of time. Bodysuits have been my go-to for the last year or so, and I love this one from Amazon.

Build with Details:

Texture, color, print, etc. are great ways to add dimension and interest to your outfits! It’s one of the areas I’ve struggled with more than others, and if you feel like I do, start small: add a scarf, an extra necklace, a different pair of shoes, or, the item I always forget: a belt (I’ve got my eye out for the perfect leather/raffia one)!

If everything you’re wearing is a solid color, texture and print from a scarf, belt, and shoes will help balance those pieces and spruce them up.

Know Yourself:

Have you ever heard that you should dress for where you are in life/your environment/etc.? Me too. The problem with that is I work from home and could, theoretically, wear nothing but pyjamas all day, every day if I chose. I don’t work well in my pyjamas, nor do I feel my best! That’s my personal preference, but if you have athleisurewear that you love, rock it! Sweatpants that make you feel awesome? Wear them. Shorts and a crop top that make you feel like a million bucks? Uh-huh, yes ma’am.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. If someone thinks it’s silly to dress up for working from home… well, unless they live with you, they don’t have to see it! If you know that wearing certain fabrics is uncomfortable for you no matter how you wear them, ditch them. Only you know those little things that will either set you on edge or make you feel totally at peace!


Today, I’ve got on my favorite wide-leg pants and black bodysuit— what favorite/staple pieces are you wearing on repeat? Let me know in the comments!