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If you know anything about me, it should be that summer is my least favorite season, especially for my wardrobe. Growing up in Florida, I should be a bit of a beach bum (and I do love the beach), but I’ve always felt more comfortable in autumn. After a year and a half in Virginia, spring is starting to inch toward the top too!

I’m taking several weekend trips and prepping for lots of activities this summer, which is really pushing my summer wardrobe staples (a total of… 3 of them…) to the max, so I wanted to share some of the pieces I’ve added to my wishlist to help round out a more robust summer wardrobe!

A shirt dress. I’m really trying to jump on this train and haven’t found the perfect one… yet!

– Fran Acciardo shared this tennis dress, and I’m OBSESSED. I briefly jumped on the athletic dress train, but prefer them without shorts built in. Tennis dresses seem to fit that bill!

– I saw this straw tote while I was writing this post and instantly added it to my cart. I have been struggling to find a straw tote that doesn’t overwhelm my frame, and I think this one from Madewell will be perfect!

– Updated wide-leg jeans. I have a great pair of pants from J.Crew that I sourced on Poshmark years ago— they’re linen, comfortable, and I love them, but they could use some sprucing up. I’ll probably take them to the tailor first, but if I were looking for new ones, these would be the ticket!

– Tops are the worst item for me to shop for in the summer— I run hot but also prefer for my upper arms to be covered in buildings with air-con, so it’s a tricky balancing act! I ordered this top from Sezane in two sizes after seeing it all over my social media and missing out on grabbing it on Poshmark.


Happy shopping, friends!