Hi friends!

I didn’t anticipate the enjoyment I would get out of making gift guides, but maybe there’s something to be said for it because I love finding little trinkets for my friends and family, as well as the visual aesthetics I get to play with in the graphics!

Usually, Valentine’s Day isn’t a big gift-giving season for me, but I just couldn’t resist sharing all of the fun things I’ve been seeing and saving lately (P.S., do you follow me on Want Locker? You totally should, because it’s where I’ve been saving all of my truly wish-listable items!)!

Of course, this isn’t Christmas time, but my fiancé said it best when I told him about this post: “Girls need to get spoiled on V-Day!”

1: This adorable match-striker set— it’s so precious!

2: A card holder for the girl who hates carrying a purse.

3: These Celine sunglasses have been all over my feed lately. They’re the epitome of French chic!

4: I love this print of fabulous women playing tennis– especially after binging the last season of Match Point.

5: This pill box is gorgeous and hilarious; a perfect conversation starter!

6: Mushrooms have never looked so chic! This lamp is absolutely darling!!!

7: One of my favorite cocktails is a French 75 (how very gin-lover of me), so I need this candle in my life!

8: As the eldest daughter, I am obviously the favorite and I need this hat to say so…

9: What says love better than Amore!? (And food)… this plate is the best of both worlds!

10: For any avid readers, make your books feel

11: A super chic (and mini!!) speaker for twirling around the kitchen!

12: This perfect sculptural vase (I’ve been eyeing this one for a while)

13: If you squint, this could be a Cartier Panthère

14: The Lake Pyjamas everyone swears by, but in a cute heart pattern of course!

15: The way I need this Chanel print is sickening…

16: I showed this throw pillow to a friend, and she said, “But really by 9pm…”

17: I’ve been looking for the perfect vanilla scent and might have to pick this up!

18: Gotta have some bling for a girl on Valentine’s! Try this gorgeous heart ring.

19: Coffee will always be my preferred beverage, so why not sip it from a sweet mug?

20: For those girlies adding mediations and reflections to their daily routine, check out this book of poetry my friend wrote!!! It’s gorgeous to boot!

Are you planning to spoil someone for Valentine’s Day? If not, what do you and your honey do instead? Tell me in the comments below!

Happy hunting xx