Hi friends,

Today’s will be my last gift guide this season! While I love shopping, Christmas time— any gift-giving reason/season— is so intentional for me as I get older. I want there to be thoughtfulness behind gifts, and I think gift guides are best used as more like a way to churn up ideas rather than a holistic shopping guide.

I felt like I covered the two main groups people shop for (his and hers), and I thought this might be a more fun “treat” guide. Sure, it’s a little specific to feminine skincare products, but I’ll link some swap-out items below that you can use for any guy in your life!

1: This pretty, clean beauty lip gloss

2: The prettiest Fresh rose toner— it looks so chic in this bottle… half of me wouldn’t want to use it at all!

3: I’ve wanted a terry/plush headband forever, and I feel like they’re so useful when girls take off their makeup.

4: This Biossance oil cannot be beat and smells so good!

5: I have the Revlon brush, but I suggest investing in one with lower heat settings.

6: How nice is it to take off your makeup and unwind with a Diptyque candle burning?

7: I love the Merit lip oil and have been meaning to try the blush, too!

8: Dry winter skin? Bust it with the Instant Angel cream!

9: This is my favorite sunscreen that my sister turned me on to— it’s a Korean brand and doesn’t leave you with a white cast.

10: I have fine hair and don’t typically need hair oil, but this one is so pretty.

11: Keep your summer glow going all winter…

12: I just ordered this detox and brush set— I’m really excited to try them! When you feel good, you look good.

13: A claw clip must be added for good measure!

Other ideas (for guys):

– This minimalist set from The Ordinary

– If your guy has facial hair, this beard oil (in a great-looking bottle too!)

– An in-shower body lotion that makes moisturizing so efficient!

– The infamous Baby Foot peel that would be so fun to do together!

– A plush robe for post-shower warmth

– A green juice powder for morning matcha and smoothies (I love this one because it actually tastes good!)