Hi friends,

Like I mentioned the other day, gift-giving has become a much more important love language for me, and I love guy gifts. The masculine energy and darker tones are so cozy to me— like an old English library! And while unintentional at first, I think the color scheme that is evoked in this gift guide follows that theme and the theme of what I always try to share with you all: classic, versatile, and worthy of investment.

These pieces all feel modern yet timeless, and they really would work with any guy’s palette— you’re never going to go wrong with neutrals! I told my fiancé that I would buy him literally everything on this gift guide and would feel confident that he would like them (and to his credit, he did seem to really like what I’ve put together here, so I’ll call that a win). Some of these items I’ve seen my friends in, we’ve had something similar (like the rocks glasses, they’re always a hit with men), or I’ve purchased the items before.

Maybe I’m really biased, but if I were a guy, I’d like all of these items…

1: A Barbour jacket will forever be popular and in style; it’s a great alternative to a rain jacket!

2: Boy Smells candle… I mean, it’s literally called boy smells!!

3: Crate and Barrel rocks glass. They make everything taste better.

4: Cremo cologne. I bought this for my dad a few years ago— it’s a strong scent but smells so good!

5: Cool, stylish sneakers are always in.

6: A leather toiletry/travel bag makes travel and getting ready feel a little more luxurious.

7: A timeless and minimal paper weight for his desk.

8: Cool coffee table books (Aston Martin, Ferrari)

9: We just talked about getting matching Oura rings!

10: A cozy wool flannel will never steer you wrong.

Other ideas:

– Cozy quilted pullover for lounging around the house

– Picture frames for pictures of you or their family!

Blue light glasses because if a guy in your life is anything like mine, they’re staring at screens for far too long!!

– A French Press (I haven’t used my French press in a long while, but they’re great for single guys!)

– A throw blanket to keep warm in the winter

– A cashmere beanie


Happy gifting!