To say that I always felt a calling to fashion would be an exorbitant lie; my senior year of high school saw me draped in a cotton t-shirt, vaguely slim skinny jeans, and a pair of off-brand Toms slip-ons every day. 

I didn’t start to care about fashion until I was in college, and truly not until I was about to graduate. Going to concerts, bars, and house parties wasn’t my speed— I liked staying home, window shopping at the mall, watching TV with my mom and sister, or drinking lattes at Starbucks with my girlfriends. 

Now? I love fashion! I could talk about clothing, fabric, and silhouettes all day… and yet, I never feel like I “have it down.” I know what I like and don’t like, but trends can be so overwhelming. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest, and find yourself lost in a sea of things that don’t feel like you, aren’t comfortable, and sit in your closet, unworn, for an entire year. I generally know what looks best on me, but I don’t always feel confident combining pieces into a cohesive look that captures who I am— and I know I’m not alone.

The idea that I would ever do more than talk about fashion— let alone post photos and videos of myself on the internet— is wild… but I can’t help it! I want to talk to everyone about their favorite shoes, the best jeans you can buy for under $100 (if you can find jeans under $100), and where to get a luxurious cashmere sweater for half price…

This blog is all about that in-between: to know yourself while finding yourself.

I know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be not knowing where to look for pieces you want, or being surrounded by women who seem to have it all together— their hair, clothes, beauty routines, etc. We always want to rush the process, but sometimes the middle of the process is where all the magic happens! 

Let this be a place of inspiration, imperfection, and innumerable hot lattes!