Hi friends!

I was originally planning to write up something for the Gap Friends and Family sale— but while I’ve been liking a lot of what they’re putting out, I wanted to put together something a little more encompassing of all the wonderful autumnal pieces I’ve been finding and loving!

Since I grew up in Florida, I’m used to equating autumn with knits, scarves, and… basically… winter weather. Having experienced the last two autumns in Virginia, I know that’s definitely not the case! Today, it’s supposed to get into the 80s, and will do so through the weekend! So, I’ve learned that it’s not always wise to jump straight into wool sweaters, which I tried to balance here.


If you’re like me, shopping sales can be super overwhelming, so I like browsing blogs to see what others are buying and trying. Hopefully, some of these pieces spark inspiration in you and help you find some additions to your fall wardrobe!

Happy shopping! xx